Checking In & Moving Forward

This past semester I learned a lot about WordPress. While I didn’t really personally enjoy using WordPress, I learned valuable skills in this course that can be translated into my personal and professional lives.

In the beginning of this semester I was really excited about this blog, but I also realized very quickly that I didn’t have a lot of extra time (18 credits) I wanted to devote to this blog. Because I didn’t enjoy WordPress personally for the content I was producing, it felt like a chore to come on and post in my free time outside of assignments. And for any good blog, it should never feel like a chore. It should be fun! I have had blogs in the past with “big” (relative) followings, but this particular platform just didn’t work best for me personally. However, if I ever wanted to create longer length written content, I would probably utilize WordPress again.

This experience was very positive. I received a lot of encouraging and amazing comments from many of you. One of you even told me I should try and pursue photography as more than a hobby, but as a source of income. I really appreciate all of the positivity many of you have shown me, and it has really boosted my confidence in my skills.

That being said, I will probably not be returning to WordPress. However, I will take the advice of some of you and will be branching out onto other social media outlets.

As of right now these accounts are blank. The big reason for this is because I am currently designing a watermark for my photography. The best platforms for photography (on social media) right now are also websites that routinely steal art. To combat this (out of principal and not really pettiness) I will not be uploading any work onto them before I am able to design and put watermarks on individual photographs.

However, after final exams I will be posting on these accounts because I will have considerably more time to devote to my art and my social media in general.

If you would like to continue to follow my photography you can follow me on any of these websites:

Flickr | Instagram | Tumblr



(Ignore the watermark for now, brainstorming some stuff)

I took this photograph at Disney’s EPCOT in the Japan pavilion. I really like this photo because it has this very surreal feeling about it and quite frankly I can’t even tell you why. It captured the look of a traditional Japanese garden very well. It seems so peaceful despite the fact that thirty feet away there were sweaty tourists hustling and bustling in their jean shorts.




To be honest, most photography blogs are the same. Typically, most blogs about anything are the same unless you’re trying to appeal to a very, very small niche group. Maybe if I was a competitive table setting (look it up, it’s real) blog it would be a different story. Most blogs either double as portfolios, review photography gear, or offer advice or lessons about photography. Mine serves more as a portfolio (not like I post any extra content anyway, stupid 18-credit semester) with me just giving some context behind the photographs.

That being said, the only thing I’m adding to the conversation is my work. I am an artist and a photographer, and every time I post a picture I am adding something that people haven’t seen before. Maybe yes, they’ve seen the same theme or have seen the subject matter. But every picture is unique. Every photograph is a captured moment (or group of moments thanks to exposure time), and that moment will never be recreated exactly like it was in that one second.

So, I’m sure that to many people my blog will fade into the thousands (well, millions) of others. But it’s still adding to the pool.

The Day is Saved Thanks to the PowerPuff Girls

hell yeah

I used to love the PowerPuff Girls as a little girl (and as a long time fan, let me tell you the new reboot is just horrendous), and I also loved dress up games. So this little character-creator really took my back.

I thought it was really fun! They had so many options to choose from in order to make your character. They had a variety of physical features, clothing, and accessories. I was a little shocked though that they made a character creator in the style of the original show rather than the new one, though.

These games are typically for kids (but when they first announced this little thing I saw so many people my age post their creations), but I think I was able to capture myself. I have my light brown hair, my dark brown eyes, and my typical resting bitch face. And I picked clothes that are somewhat similar to what I usually wear, even if the colors are a bit off (Green and orange? Hello, what do I look like, to you PPG?). I think it came our really well, and to be honest I like that it’s in the old style. It makes my PowerPuff Girl self look a lot cuter.



Fair Use

Turret Arch, Snow, Winter, Sandstone, Geology

I really enjoy this photograph, taken from pixabay, for a number of reasons. The composition is very well done. The subject of the photo is actually the rock formation in the background, which is emphasized (framed) by the rock formation in the foreground and draws your eye to that point, but through this process it also creates a sense of depth. The subject is also set to the right, which makes the image more interesting than if shot straight on (rule of threes). It also uses complementary colors, orange and blue, which makes the image look more striking and crisp.

I’m able to use the image because I’m offering commentary/criticism about the image. Secondly, it could be considered educational because I’m teaching my classmates and blog viewers about photo composition through my commentary/critique.

The image is also free for commercial use and does not require attribution. The only way to violate this particular image’s fair use would be to personally profit from the image, which I am not. I am not selling the image and my blog in no way features advertisements that could generate money. I’m not simply displaying or sharing the image, which would be classified as entertainment. And finally, I’m not using it in bad-faith.


Skills & Ability

I chose a meme that literally relates to the content of my blog. This particular meme isn’t very widespread. The imgur page this meme is taken from has thousands of views, but I haven’t seen this meme in circulation outside of a few facebook pages.

I particularly relate to this meme because it’s something a lot of people say and believe. My sister, for example, one day took my camera and started snapping a bunch of pictures outside. And she was so annoyed and would say, “Why don’t my pictures look as good as yours?”

Photography is a skill. A good photographer has the technical ability to compose a good photograph, whether it’s with a Polaroid camera, a cellphone, or a DSLR. Technology doesn’t create good photographs, it just enhances the quality.

It’s a sentiment that’s really prevalent, annoying, frustrating because I see a lot of people preemptively spend money on good equipment without understanding not only how to use it but with no base knowledge. They then complain when their pictures don’t look good and give up (while I cry in envy because I’ve seen people buy equipment better than mine and never pick it up again). People don’t realize you can’t buy a skill.

Shout Out

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve been enjoying my content so far, and I would really appreciate it if those following would link to my blog on their Facebook or Twitter. I feel as though they would be the best tool because they’re pretty efficient for sharing, unlike other social media websites where people don’t just share, but also steal the content they’re sharing. Art theft is really prominent on the internet (which is one big reason I’m reluctant to share mine at all), and because of how vast the web is there is no easy way to prevent it without obstructing images (those huge watermarks people will put onto their photographs). Sharing on other websites, while they’re more photography-oriented, could lead to them being misused or misattributed. As of right now Facebook or Twitter would be the wiser options because it’s not typically used as an “aesthetic” website. It’s more of sharing, rather than directly displaying, the content one enjoy.

Thank you so much  if you choose to share, and please let me know if you do in the comments! 🙂

My First Time

(c) Alexa Rivera, 2014

This photograph was the one that really gave me the confidence to start pursuing photography as a hobby. Up until that point I hadn’t really considered it at all, I was just dragging myself through all of my mandatory photography assignment in my senior year of high school.

At that time I didn’t have my own camera yet, and had to used a borrowed DSLR. I went to the only scenic place I could think of within walking distance: a random clearing in my neighborhood. It’s not the most romantic place, but it did give me this beautiful image (maybe not as beautiful when you realize it’s a dead cat tail plant, but hey).

*Sorry about the click bait, I just wanted it to be funny


I thought the screencasting was actually pretty entertaining! I felt like a professional critic or something. I thought this assignment was a little bit easier than the last despite it being less creative. I felt like it was a lot easier to speak naturally, but I think that’s because it’s a lot easier to speak about others than yourself.

As soon as I started doing it I was reminded of search engine checking and professional website critique. I’ve been involved in a few online work opportunities where people do this stuff for supplemental income. Basically you record your screen and commentate on the ease of use of certain websites. You’ll be given directions to find a certain page using the website and it’s used by those commissioning the service to determine whether their website is user-friendly or not.

The only other way I think the software could be utilized is for instructional videos, but they could be for a range of groups: corporate, educational, or leisure.  Other than these few groups I can’t think of any other ways that this could be used.

Screencast: Click here!

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